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Opening hours ...

The Green Dragon at Brigstock

(01536) 373870

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proper puddings...

chocolate brownie (gf)                                 6

Rich homemade chocolate brownie, served warm, white chocolate ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberry, chocolate decorations


panna cotta (gf) (vegan)                                  5

Vanilla & coconut milk panna cotta, caramelised pistachio crumb, blood orange sorbet


parfait  (gf)                                                             6.5

Maple & muscovado sugar parfait, liquorice, blackberry, cracked hazelnut


apple mille-feuille                                         6

Softly spiced apples & raisins layered between

crisp puff pastry sheets, vanilla crème anglaise


basbousa                                                                  6

Egyptian coconut syrup sponge, coconut ice

cream, pineapple puree, white chocolate


ice creams   2 scoops / 3 scoops        3.5 / 4.5

Our range of flavours are subject to change,

please ask staff for current selection.

Madagascan Vanilla Bean / Strawberry Sensation / Double Chocolate / Salted Caramel / Coffee Mocha  

Vegan: Smooth Vanilla / Heavenly Chocolate (soya)


sorbets   2 scoops / 3 scoops                 3.5 / 4.5

Sicilian Lemon / Blood Orange / Blackcurrant


Puddings and Cheese

say cheese...

3 or 5 piece cheeseboard           8 / 11.5

Served with biscuits, quince paste &

home-made chutney  


choose from:

northamptonshire blue

(pasteurised cow’s milk) Hand made by Ham Tun Fine Foods (Kettering) this is a rich semi-soft cow’s milk blue with a delicate citrus edge.


cordwainers (unpasteurised goat’s milk)

Made on site a Redlands Farm by Nene Valley Cheese Company, a long lasting sweet and nutty taste, matured for a minimum of 60 days


old nick cheddar (pasteurised cow’s milk)

A rich, mellow cheese with huge depth of flavour. Temptingly crumbly texture with caramel notes.


admiral collingwood

(unpasteurised cow’s milk ) A semi-soft cheese washed in Newcastle Brown Ale. Once ripe it is smooth and succulent melting on the tongue with a tangy aftertaste from the ale. Winner of the best cheese at the international cheese show.


sainte-maure de touraine 

(unpasteurised goat’s milk)

One of the last French seasonal cheese made in the Loire Valley, ash rolled and soft ripened. Winner of a number of awards.

to finish...

coffee and tea...

Our Milano coffee beans are ethically sourced, rich

full bodied espresso beans with notes of milk chocolate & hazelnut and a creamy  texture.

Well balanced with subtle citrus acidity, nutty sweetness & cocoa bitterness.


espresso or double espresso        1.6 / 2.6

Made with freshly ground coffee beans


americano                                                                        2

Made with ground coffee


latte                                                                                    2.5

Made with freshly ground coffee beans


floater coffee                                                           2.5

Filter coffee, sweetened with sugar and a layer of cream floated on the top.


liqueur coffee                                       1 plus liqueur

Floater coffee with a liqueur of your choice

to finish...

please note:  Coffee and tea is brewed to order and takes a little time! If large parties all order coffee/tea at once it will be served as it becomes ready to prevent

it going cold.


tea                                                                  1.6

Pot of freshly brewed English

Breakfast tea


speciality and herbal tea         1.8

Flavours include peppermint /

camomile / Earl Grey / lemon &

ginger / green tea





Why not finish your meal with a little something from our range of digestifs, which includes Cognac, Armagnac, Port & Whisky. We also stock a range of liqueurs & spirits to accompany your coffee. Please ask for details